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Shepaug line from Hawleyville to Litchfield was also still in service thenThe Housatonic is operating about once a month west of Danbury on the former Maybrook line (now going to Beacon)They serve IBM and Texaco but would like to give up this line. Metro North is rumored michael kors wallets canada to be interested and might handle the little freight that remainsThe old New Haven Naugatuck line (now Guilford) from Waterbury to Torrington now appears to be back in use after a long, hard winterOne remaining section of the Central New England is the Griffin Line leading north from Hartford. The State of Connecticut and city officials in Hartford and Bloomfield have been looking seriously at a mass transit link between downtown Hartford and Bradley International Airport. "She's a little stubborn and can have an attitude here and there," Hudson said. "Being a teenager, that was very relatable for me. It's so interesting for me to completely turn myself into a new person in this role. 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